glen sure does love lucy

A few picture highlights from
Convention 2001

Left to right: Ruta Lee (Guest on two "Lucy Show's"), Carole Cook ("Lucy Show", "Here's Lucy"), Fred Ball (Lucy's brother), Edie Adams ("Lucy Meets the Moustache"), Lucie Arnaz, Sheila MacRae ("The Fashion Show"). In front: Suzanne LaRusch.

In the back: Mike Broad, Glen Charlow.
In front: Carole Cook, Ruta Lee, Edie Adams

Author Bart Andrews with Mike and Glen who are holding two of Bart's books.

Laura Johansen of Australia and Mike Broad.

Glen & Eve Plumb (of "The Brady Bunch")
She was starring in a show Glen designed a poster for. (This was an event separate from the Convention; Glen and Mike had attended Eve's rehearsal in the play "Dish Babies".)

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